For over 50 years, the Bollinger Furniere AG has been trading with wood. Eugen «Mr. Teak» Bollinger has founded the company in 1959 and has lived up to the promises made by his business nickname. Since 1973, the headquarters of the company are located in Nürensdorf, very closely situated to Zürich Airport and therefore quite convenient from a business perspective.

Karl-Heinz Herzog acquired the Bollinger Furniere AG in 1987. Together with the Company Herzog Elmiger AG in Kriens, the Bollinger Furniere AG is part of the Interfurnier Holding in Hergiswil. Since the formation, we have led a very successful family business, which is wholeheartedly dedicated to the export and import of different woods from all over the world. Since the trade with wood is still fruitfully flourishing you will certainly find a product in our store that suits your purposes.

Bollinger Furniere AG
Alte Winterthurerstrasse 9
CH-8309 Nürensdorf

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